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Intro to Pilates with Catherine 10min


This is a great place to start before beginning the rest of the On Demand series. To ensure that you are safe and aware.

Beginner Glutes with Stacey 22min


A fun way to get your legs working (burning)! Stacey will guide you on a fun class that is suitable for everyone.

Intermediate Glutes with Stacey 16min


This class is a great way to get into those glutes as you work out the whole body.


Gentle Upper Back Mobility with Catherine 13min


Release your upper back and unwind yourself after a long day sitting at a desk.

Beginner Barre with Andy 24min

You don’t have to be dancer but you do have to be ready for a fun class!

Join Andy for a full body work out and a great introduction to Barre.

Pre-Pointe Talk and Exercises


What is a Pre-Pointe Assessment?

What can you do to prepare for going en pointe?

Beginner Full Body Workout with Catherine 24min

Join Catherine for a nice full body work out to break up your day and get the blood pumping.