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Brass & Woodwind – what position is best to play?

What is your favourite position to play your instrument in? Research has reported that standing up is the favourite position of woodwind and brass players (Ackerman, et al., 2014).  However, it seems that most of your rehearsals are set up for sitting down on the old bucket seat in the school gym. When looking at […]


Goal Setting & Self Care for Performers

What can YOU do to improve your focus towards your goals as a creative? Often times, we can feel such a sense of failure & of self analysis that the voices inside our heads can get quite overwhelming. Everyone knows that performers are busy and have lots to maintain in their lives! Dance technique, fitness, […]


Rehab – Not Such a Dirty Word!

Rehabilitation is a word we often associate with long programs and extreme debilitation. It can have a lot of negative connotations. Don’t think about those AFL players who miss an entire season rehabbing their ACL reconstructions! Rehab doesn’t need to be so negative or extreme all the time. The Webster dictionary defines Rehab: the process […]


Wave a Paw to Bron!

As of August 31st, Bronwyn will be temporarily leaving the clinic to tour with the upcoming production of Cats as the cast’s in-house vet. Lucy and Lauren will be stepping in to look after Bron’s patient’s for this time, so if you have been seeing Bronwyn and would like to discuss your future treatment, feel […]