Maddie Hicks APAM

Maddie graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia before moving to Melbourne to work with Performance Medicine. Maddie has a special interest in dance, performance, stagecraft, instrument, vocal, musculoskeletal and sports injuries, and in particular shoulder, hip, ankle and neck injuries. Maddie’s interest in these areas stems from her love of the Performing Arts and experience over many years in dance, particularly Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary, music theatre, acting, and singing. Maddie works in clinic with all ages, backgrounds, and goals, as well as working off-site at various theatres treating performers during their production runs. She runs workshops for dance schools around Melbourne on dance conditioning, injury prevention, and self-massage techniques.

While completing her studies, Maddie worked as a barre and pilates instructor, sports trainer for football and gridiron teams, and undertook physiotherapy training in the Brain Injury Rehab unit, paediatric rehab centres and here at Performance Medicine prior to being offered the job. Since moving to Melbourne, she has done extensive further education into dance specific injuries, vocal physiotherapy and sporting injuries. She is particularly passionate about empowering her patients to understand and learn more about their bodies, self management and returning safely and efficiently to high level demands. With a Pilates background, she also loves to get patients moving well and feeling the benefits of a strong, coordinated, and controlled body.

In her free time you will find her in the yoga studio, camping and hiking, or roaming the streets of Melbourne trying to figure out the public transport system…croissant in hand.

Schedule: Maddie is at Performance Medicine from Monday to Thursday.

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