Freya Kittelty

Freya joined the team at Performance Medicine in November 2020 after spending two years
working in the busy Patient Services Department of Epworth Hospital, Richmond.

Freya’s interests include visiting art galleries, and attending cultural events and live
performances. She enjoys reading, singing along to ABBA songs with her best friends, and
being lectured about English Premier League soccer by her twin brother, Owen.

She is an accomplished home-renovator and hopes one day to ‘flip a house’ with her Dad. A
passionate supporter of the mighty Hawks, Freya has been known to cross the road to pat a
cute dog. She shares her home with two ridiculous dogs: Zippy the Miniature Schnauzer and
Flossie the Miniature Poodle.

Freya is warm, friendly, and empathic, and works hard to ensure that both existing and new
clients of the practice feel comfortable and welcome.