Welcome Back Ai!

Hi Everyone,
Hope your summer break was great and you are ready to go back to school now!
My summer break was in Japan taking workshops with dancers and dance teachers.
At Performance Medicine, we all have great passion for performers but we all have different backgrounds in this wonderful world of at.
My background is classical ballet therefore my greatest passion is to teach dancers how to prep their bodies for injury free and high level dance practice. I also love helping dancers learn how to create a safe future for their professional dance career.
So here is a pic of me jumping around the world working with many dancers over the holiday!!
As many of you probably know, being a professional dancer is not easy at all. It takes a lot of hard work and long hours of practice. Many face tough injuries and setbacks. So it’s very important for dancers to know how to train and condition their bodies, as well as having a basic understanding of their body -at the end of day, your body is your asset on stage.
We run many programs for dancers in our clinic.  Pre-pointe assessments are for those who dream of wearing pointe shoes and our physio will tailor exercises for you to do at home to dance on pointe safely.  Weekly pilates classes are great for those who are coming back from injuries or maintain the strength needed for dance classes and performances.
If you have some niggles that didn’t go away over the holiday or come back straight after your first class back, it’s a great idea for you to visit us to make sure nothing is going on, and work on your problem areas before dance school gets too busy later in term.
We are here to help you shine on stage in 2018!!
X Ai
Oh before I let you go, Performance Medicine Physiotherapy is planning some educational sessions this year. Some of these include , staying strong for pointe, pre-pointe exercises, dance safety.
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