Not that kind of Bar(re)

Not that kind of Bar(re)

Have you heard all the buzz about Barre and are wondering what it is? We are big fans of Barre here at Performance Medicine, so much so that we’ve added classes to our timetable!

Barre is an exercise class that combines mat work, resistance bands and the ballet barre to create an exercise program that tones, lengthens, strengthens and improves your posture. With a ballet base this class is for everyone, dancer or not, and is perfect for those wanting to maintain or improve their general fitness and strength. It’s low impact but high intensity and bound to get those endorphins flowing!

With a maximum of 12 people per class you can rest assured that if you are working around injuries one of our qualified Physiotherapist or Myotherapists will be on hand to ensure your safety and technique is on point(e) – no pointe shoes required.

Key Principles

  1. Technique

Correct technique and alignment when performing exercises not only reduces your risk of injury but can also improve your outcomes by working muscles synergistically in a way our bodies love.

  1. Finding Centre

Build and challenge your core with functional and dynamic movements that translate to real life. The focus of activating your core while performing exercises helps to improve your posture and support your body to cope with the demands of our busy lives.

  1. Whole Body

Our Barre classes have targeted exercises to work the arms, legs, glutes, core, upper back and feet. Your whole body will be involved during class helping to lift the heart rate, strengthen and tone, and build coordination and balance.

  1. Fun!

Barre is such a great way to get in your daily exercise in a fun and friendly environment. Better still it is suitable for all fitness levels and skills, so grab your grippy socks and a friend and come down to Performance Medicine.

We’ll meet you at the barre!

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