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21 Aug

Goal Setting & Self Care for Performers

What can YOU do to improve your focus towards your goals as a creative? Often times, we can feel such a sense of failure & of self analysis that the voices inside our heads can get quite overwhelming. Everyone knows that performers are busy and have lots to maintain in their lives! Dance technique, fitness, […]

15 Aug

What is the QF?

What is the QF?   Have you heard of the muscle called QF? …if you haven’t here is all you need to know about this awesome little muscle. If you are PM patient who is working on a hip injury or pelvis stability, then you probably have heard it mentioned in an appointment- But even if […]

10 Aug

Are you Mindful?

Are you Mindful? Mindfulness is the current buzzword & modern mindfulness has evolved through many forms of meditation- Essentially, you are looking to train your mind to be more present with the body and with its surroundings.   There are many ways you can practice mindfulness, and it is a skill that should be practiced […]